Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Group Halloween Party

Can we really call them babies anymore? NOPE! 5 our our 8 great toddlers were at the Halloween party I hosted on Tuesday. We had a blast! They are all so much fun and growing and learning and great! We missed Jack, Elizabeth and of course Ty in ND!

This was doin' good to get all 5 to sit still for 5 seconds! Chloe was a clown (minus her wig and tutu!), Lily is the cute pink butterfly, Brodie the Lion, Izzy is Abby Caddaby, and Kayla a pretty white princess/angel!
Lily and Brodie

Brodie attempting to kiss Kayla

Brodie lookin' a bit hot in the Lion suit!

Love the butt on this thing!

Dorothy and her Lion!

A very prego Dorothy with Brodie lookin' in on Lauren...the newest edition to baby group! Congrats April!

Brodie stole Chloe's wig a bit! What a ham!

Afternoon in the pasture.

Cody was out burning weeds in our pasture and Brodie found this tree...he must have sat in it for 1/2 an hour!
Here's Brodie with Preacher peaking through the tree.
Black kitty with Brodie

There's that cute little grin!

Just plain cute!

New "Big Boy" Bedroom!

Here's Brodie's "new" big boy room! We made the "old" guest bedroom into his new room. He is sooooo excited about it! He LOVES moon and stars and planets! He's been sleeping in his big boy bed for 2 weeks now. The first week went well...this 2nd week he is getting up out of bed, turning on the big overhead light and playing with his least 4 times before he finally settles down and goes to sleep....same with naps now. Have I lost my easy napping, easing fall asleep at night boy???

Oooo.....moon and stars!

Looks like Galileo or something!

The expression on Brodie's face reminds me so very much of my nephew Nolan!

Daddy made the big dipper with these stars on the top bunk!

Big boy bed!

Doorway and wall!

Toy holder and dresser.

Curtains that Grandma Trapp made for us after I picked out the fabric! (It took her like and hour...thank God she did it...I'd still be ripping out stitches...and my hair!)

Friday, October 2, 2009

21 weeks!!!!

Here are a few ultra sound pictures from Tuesday the 29th of September. Baby Trapp is 1 lb already and heart beat was in the 150's. We just got comfirmation from our MD that all is well and normal!!!!
Sucking that thumb!
Cute little (big) foot!

Nice little profile!!

Sayin' hello to baby!

Brodie loves to climb up on my lap and hug my belly and say "hi" and "that's nice" to the baby in my belly! It is sooo cute and sweet when he does that!

Random fun shots

Daddy and Brodie.....B has "marker" mouth!
Caught in the act of his "blue period!"


Mommy's shoes!

Autumn Fun

Grandma and Grandpa Strang came down a couple of weekends ago to deliver Brodie's new bunk bed. We went to a local farm with fun activities for the afternoon on Sunday.
Brodie and Daddy by a big pumpkin cut out at the entrance of Nelson Farm.
Grandpa Hoss, me, Brodie and Grandma Janice posing!

B and Daddy riding the bouncing balls.

A goat the Brodie particularly loved!